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 About Us

I decided to create Electric Denim Studios as a store to publicly sell and promote my inventions, recording services and musical gear.  In the night I am usually performing my music released under “The Second Spirit”.   In the day I am refurbishing, testing, and sourcing audio gear.  I also work on my inventions and songwriting.  Sometimes I take a day off to go hiking or swimming.

I was introduced to electronics around 1994 by my cousin who designed the moving light on front of the kit car in TV show Night Rider.   I was so inspired to make music circuits, I received an electronics engineering degree in 1998.  Since then I have been building, refurbishing, and inventing music gear professionally and for myself.   But this always came second to playing music.   Now I play so much music it is nice to take a break and test some gear.  Between the two I find a happy balance.

After managing and moving thousands of products at major computer store on EBay for many years, I have gained much experience and knowledge in internet marketing.  This experience has helped me become very accurate with testing and selling items and super helpful to customers.

If you’re looking for a particular used piece of musical gear or have questions on how to use something you bought, please drop me an email so I can help you.  Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter to get great monthly deals.