I Hate Wired Headphones, Cheap Bluetooth Headphones That Rock

I Hate Wired Headphones

On the treadmill they suck.  In the car they suck.  In my pocket they suck.  Winding, unwinding, knotting.  They hard to put back into the Apple case.  They get tangled in my pocket with my keys. They are always catching on something and popping out of my ears.  Ouch!  Getting caught here, getting caught there.

One time I was running on the treadmill and my head just bopped back enough so that my wired headphones pulled my iPhone off the holder, onto the spinning treadmill, throwing the case off, hurting my ears from the cord being snapped.  Oh, and there were cute girls around, what a disaster.  How embarrassing.  I hate wired headphones.   I never want to go back.

So a couple years ago I picked up some cheap Bluetooth Connectland headphones under $30.   Just to try out.   I thought they were cheap enough that if I didn’t like them, no big deal right?

I can’t live without these cheap, stupid, wireless, Bluetooth headphones.

These Connectlands are awesome!  They connected paired easily with my iPhone.  I charge them up, and they last around a week depending on how much I use them.  Perfect for the gym, for walking to work, for running, biking, commuting.  And, they actually sound great.

Connectland Bluetooth Headphone Overview

So they are pretty basic.  Once you pair them with your Bluetooth device, you can control playback from the headphones themselves.  There is a play/pause button in the middle.  A volume up and down on the bottom and a foreword and back button on top.    So you can skip or go back to a previous song or track and turn up or down the volume.   The also have a mic so that you can talk to people on your phone with them but it is not very clear.  I mostly just use them to listen to music and or podcasts when I am working out or on the go.

Testing Results after Owning for Two Years

(may have better results when new)

Charge time 2:21 hours

Playtime 5:42 hours over a span of 8 Days


I never test mixes on these headphones, because they make my songs sound great.

I am home studio musician. I record songs and test their mix on different speakers and headphones . . .   but I never test my songs on these headphones anymore.

The reason I don’t use these headphones for mixing is they make everything sound great.   I don’t know why or how.  Maybe it is the way the foam fits on the ear, maybe its some natural compression of some sort, or the high bass response, I don’t know.  They just make everything sound warm and full, kinda like your are listening to a record on a old tube amp.   They have a very warm sound.

So I don’t use these Connectland Bluetooth headphones to test my mixes anymore, because even my mixes that have problems sound good on them.  And every time I thought I had a mix down. After listing on these headphones it turns out the mixes were not good.  And only when I listing to them on my Mackie hr-824s studio monitors or my car stereo or my apple earbuds I can hear the problems.  These headphone make bad mixes sound good.  Say what you will, but these are an undiscovered cheap gem.