Roland Octapad Pad-8 Review and Tutorial

Roland Octapad Pad-8 Review and Tutorial

  Roland Octapad Pad-8 Review and Tutorial

 System Overview

The Octapad is a dynamically sensitive compatible eight-pad controller with memory.  It has eight drum pads that can be hit to trigger MIDI notes on its MIDI out port.   It produces no internal sounds but is used as a controller to control other MIDI sound devices.   MIDI sound sources from synthesizers to drum machines can be hooked up to its MIDI out port and assigned to any of the eight pads.  Parameters such as channel and sensitivity are adjustable for each pad.  Up to four different patches can be memorized with, the patch Preset function.

Program Change messages can also be sent from the PAD-8. In addition to the eight pads, six inputs are provided for expansion to using other external pad controllers.

Octapad Pad-8 Video Review & Tutorial Below

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