The Ableton & Studio Blog is Relocating – Get A Free Gift if You Come Along

I am retiring the Electric Denim Studios email list and Ableton Blog on November 1st and am picking it up at my other brand The Second Spirit.

Have no fear, I still plan on writing Ableton content twice per month on The Second Spirit Newsletter. I will also have Ableton and Studio tips on The Second Spirit blog.

If You would like to keep receiving my emails about Ableton on The Second Spirit Newsletter you can transfer to by clicking this link:
Free Ableton Channel Strip and signing up.

This offer ends on November 1st

Once you sign up, I will send you a free Ableton Channel Strip effects rack as my appreciation of sticking with me.

I will know you are interested in receiving Ableton/Studio content and you will be segmented into my Ableton group so that I know what to send you.

This Ableton channel strip is a quick easy plug in that I have found to be a necessity in my studio.  I reach for it so often I thought it would be a great to share with you.    I have tried to change it, expand it, and modified it, but I always come back to using this original, simple channel strip, unmodified.  So please come join the new newsletter and try it out for yourself.

After November 1st I will stop sending the Electric Denim Studios newsletter.

I am making this move because it is too complicated and tedious having two brands, blogs and websites.

I am a single owner who writes music and records with Ableton.  I also street perform and sell used audio gear.
Hey, I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate your reading this, and plan on giving you great content in the future.

Thanks for understanding,

Matthew Victory

P.S.   You may have clicked links in my previous emails telling me that you are interested in other things, such as performing tips, used gear, etc.  I still have that information and may segment my lists into these topics at The Second Spirit.